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Our chat widget works for you day and night to convert website visitors into patients.


Take the conversation offline and into your office

Our simple chat has one goal - get new leads. We find that patients are more likely to come in once your office staff contacts them directly. So, we made Toothly chat to simplify that process and get more leads.

Book Appointments

Let patients select an appointment time that will work for them online before getting in contact with your office.

Ask Questions

Patients can ask a question and our chat will collect their information so your staff can answer and convert the patient

Collect Leads

Our whole chat experience is centered on this. No matter how a patient interacts, we collect their information for your team to continue pursuing


Prefer Booking Online


New Patients


Book After Hours




On-Demand Appointment Requests

Online appointment booking is essantial for any practice looking to grow.

  • Collect patient info online
  • Select appointment window that fits their needs
  • Provide information about services they are seeking
  • Information sent to your team for confirmation

Appointment requests allow patients to book and appointment without throwing off your office schedule. Your team can work directly with the patient to fit both your needs.


Take questions online and convert leads

Questions convert to patients

When a patient has a question, they are already a warm lead. We take their question and collect their contact information so your team can provide them with answers and help them book an appointment.


Collect Voicemail After Hours New

Collect leads via your office phone even when you leaave for the day.

  • Record Voicemail
  • Transcribe voicemail - to your email
  • Listen to recordings anywhere
  • Patients send text when to call back

Patients are looking to get in contact at all hours of the day. We can't be available all the time, so that's why Toothly superpowers your team to get more leads all the time. When back in the morning, you can preview and prioritize the voicemails.

Start growing in just minutes

Toothly Chat is dead simple. Once you're ready to sign up, your chat bot can be live in just a matter of minutes.

Patients are waiting to find an appointment

While browsing online, new patients often take the first office that will book them. Take advantage of this with booking right from your site.

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Affordable Pricing


$199 / month / office

  • Appointment Booking
  • Questions
  • Lead Capture
  • Customization
  • Multiple Offices


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